President 2018


Gareth McKee

I am very honoured to be President of Ards Bowling Club for the 2018 season.
I first came to the club in the summer of 1992 to play snooker with some friends on a Sunday afternoons; I then became a full member in the 2007 season but did not play bowls until the next season as I was in England working.

I played my first match at home for the B team leading for a rink skipped by Tommy Greer. I then played for the B team for a number of years working my way up to playing third to the late Roy McCallum.
David McCoy then picked me to play for the senior team during the 2012 season and since then I have held down a place in that team.  

I had the honour of skipping for the A team 14 times in the 2017 season, something I am very proud of. It was during this season that I had the honour of winning the Black Cup in the club championships.

In 2014 Jim Fulton asked me to put my name down for committee, I have served on the building committee since 2015 and enjoy doing this very much. We have a hard working committee that  sometimes members don’t see, but we all work together for the good of the club.

I would like to wish all the teams the health to enjoy their bowls in the season tahead and thank all the players for the effort they put in to the 2017 season. Something that will be very hard to beat the club's succes in years to come.

The list of trophies 2017 are: -

A Team: - Senior league 2 winners
                     I B A Intermediate cup winners

B Team: - League Div 5 winners
                     Junior cup winners
Midweek Team: - Runners up Midweek League Div 1

I would like to wish Mr. George Hollinger, President of the Veterans section and Mrs. Trish Smyth, President of the Ladies section, a very successful and enjoyable season.
Thanks have to go to James, for giving us a great green to play on week after week, His work around the club is appreciated by all members.
Davy McCoy also needs a word of thanks for looking after club competitions and the work that he does behind the scenes looking after all the team’s fixtures.

Have a great season and health to enjoy your bowls Gareth McKee President 2018